Would you like to try the feeling when suddenly a great amount of adrenaline splits all over your body? During a combat, but really safe?

Play with us!

During the game everybody acts as who he really is.
Are you a player in a team or the guiding person? What is your reaction to stress? Are you tactician?

Birthday, proposal, bachelor day, stag night, graduation or you just need to disengage after a stressful month? Our tailor-made, unique games have limitless possibilities.

Contact us with your personal demand!

Chose from our package offers, and you won't be surprised when you pay, there are no extra, hidden charges.


Prices: - Basic package

3.000.- HUF/person
balls: 10.- HUF / ball - 1000 package

11.000.- HUF/person
included 1000 balls (more balls 8HUF/ball)



The prices include: the 4 hour long usage of the playing field, protective equipment, protective clothing, paintball gun, game-guiding and the stipulated amount of ball in the pack. In the field you can buy extra balls in the prices you can see in the packs. The packs are available at least for 10 participants and every member should chose the same pack.

Call us or send a message with your personal demand. (How many people, where, when would like to play)

mobile phone: +36 20 946 2767

In order to confirm your reservation booking is needed. After fixing an appointment please transfer 10EURO/person reservation fee to the following bank account:
Paintball Games LTD.
IBAN number: HU14117090022058415100000000


OUTDOOR: At the Tököl Airport with 8 fields

The fields are located in Tököl, near to Budapest, at the previous flying field. Enter at the II. gate.

From Boráros tér you should go by H7 tram until the final station, called Csepel. From Csepel H7 final station catch a BUS to Tököl. You should go by bus to station Tököl Bíróház. It's about 100m from the Tököl Airport Gate II.
Coordinates of the field for GPS: N47.34403°, E18.97168°
INDOOR: Paintball in a cave

Near Campona Shopping Center, located on Donát Hill there is one of Hungary's mostly established underground paintball field. Particular light and sound techniques, unique experience all over Europe!

1224 Budapest, Török Street 4. Directions using BKV: From Kosztolányi Dezső tér you should go by BUS 114 until the station XIII. utca/Dózsa György út. From XIII. utca you walk towards on Dózsa György út to Török utca. (about 500m, 5 minutes)



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What should I wear?

Sporty clothes considering the season and temperature. Sweat-pants, leggings for the girls, and thin, long or short sleeve shirt on top. The best footwear are boots. If you don't have one, training shoes are perfect, something you would wear for a walk in the woods. The paintball paint can be washed out of clothes, so you don't need to hire an overall. With this you save 500 HUF what you can spend for more balls! :) (If you chose this option, come in long sleeve clothing!)

How much does it hurt?

It's difficult to answer. Firstly, because it's hard to describe pain, and secondly, because we don't have the same pain threshold. It's mostly similar to the feeling when you get hit with a wet towel. Unpleasant only just to think over all your actions, and during the game you will realize that this is why it is so amusing and exciting. Nothing unbearable will happen to you. You can expect few blue speckles on your body, but they will disappear in a couple of days.

How can I get to the field? (Tököl, Cave)

Check the fields menu on the website.

How many balls do I need?

For a 4 hours long play 3-500 balls are usually enough. But don't forget that paintball is about shooting! If you really take seriously the game and the advices of the marshalling person, more balls can be necessary.

Which field should I chose?

Our both fields (Tököl, Cave) are very exciting. In Tököl you can play on 10 different kinds of fields. Here is the real simulation of war, in the beautiful nature, in the open air it will be surely an everlasting experience. The Cave simulates the world of the todays' video games. We make the paintball more various and exciting with special game modes and with full light and sound techniques. If you know the game called Counter Strike, you will surely enjoy the challenges CS Bomb and the DOD, when you can live through the game in real. Bring your favorite music with you and listing to it during the game!

How dangerous is paintball?

Considering the danger index the american insurers place paintball after golf. But paintball isn't a totally safe sport! If you don't observe the safety rules you can even get a permanent injury. Always respect the rules, pay attention to the guide, the enemy and yourself.

How many people are necessary for a team?

Paintball can be started with 10 players, 5 players in each team. If your team doesn't have enough members, at the, firstly in Hungary you can participate on our individual game-day where you can play with committed and enthusiastic amateur players like you.

What kind of equipment do I get?

We ensure all the necessary equipments for the game: paintball weapon, clip, compressed air tank, mask, overall, protecting waistcoat for the girls. You don't need to hire an overall, with this you save 500 HUF what you can spend for more balls! :)

Course of the game

After the arrival, our marshalling personnel welcome you. First thing to do is to fill the registration blank then you receive the overall. After changing the guide explains the safety and the game rules in 10 minutes, then everyone gets the mask and the paintball weapon. After that in the shooting-gallery you can learn how to aim and shoot with the paintball gun. After walking around the field together the game can start! On the field the marshalling personnel will always guide. They regard the safety, they start and end the game, they rub the dirty masks and they give you the paintballs.

What age is recommended for paintball?

Minimum age for paintball is 14 year old with parents consent, till the age of 16.


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